Dog Dry Skin – How To Treat Cracked Paw Pads And Help Prevent Dryness

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dog dry skin prevent split pads Dog Dry Skin   How To Treat Cracked Paw Pads And Help Prevent Dryness

Mom says to wash my feet before going inside

In an earlier blog post, we talked about the possible causes of why a dog’s paw pads, can become dry and cracked.

If you have not read the post, and want to know the reasons for split pads, you can start from here:
Dog Dry Skin – Why Your Dog Has Cracked And Dry Paw Pads

Otherwise, continue reading. Find out how to treat a cracked paw pad. And learn what precautionary measures you can take, to help keep your pet’s paw pads in top condition.

How to treat a cracked paw pad?

It’s possible to treat a simple case of split pad at home. Should you decide to do so, make sure your pet is not in pain, there is no bleeding, and the pad is not infected.

Taking Care Of Split Pads

  • Clean the foot with warm water and anti-septic soap.
  • Dry the foot thoroughly.
  • Apply a paw wax, Musher’s Secret to the paw 2-3 times per week to help the cracked pads heal.
  • Put on a sock to prevent your dog from licking off the topical remedy.

For more extensive wounds, or if the pads fail to heal despite home care, you should call your veterinarian.

Tips To Keep the Paw Pads in Tip Top Condition

1. Wash Your Dog’s Feet After Every Walk

Sticking to good hygiene is good.

For your fur kids, inculcate the habit to “wash your (dog) feet before you enter the house”.

And this is regardless of seasons. You never know what your dog pick up on a walk. Substances like lawn fertilizer, pesticides, oil, de-icing salts and chemicals are potential hazards.

They can cause irritations when left on the paws. And your dog could ingest the toxins whilst trying to lick at the “irritation”.

In addition, during winter, giving your dog a warm foot bath after a walk can help melt the ice off his paws.

2. Moisturize

Treat paw pads when they are dry to help prevent cracking.

Use a moisturizing paw protection on chap or dry paw pads. Simply massage the paw wax onto the paw pads and in between the toes.

Only use the moisturizer when needed. Over moisturizing can result in soft pads, which can be painful for walking.

3. Trim The Hair On the Paws

Some dogs have lots of hair growing between their paw pads and also between the toes.  Excess hair tend to collect snow, which can form ice on your pet’s paws in harsh weather.

Hence, trim any excess hair between the paw pads and also between the toes to keep the snow off.

A trimmed feet can also help minimize the chance of ice, road salt, or sand build up in the paw fur.

4. Wear Booties

Well, I know. This is not for every dog. Some dogs looked really anxious and stressed when you make them walk in boots. They totally lose their sense of coordination.

But remember, you are not asking your dog to put up with some meaningless fancy foot wear. Your goal is to ensure that your doggy has paw protection when it is needed.

Start slowly, perhaps with just one boot. And give your dog plenty of practice time walking in his new boots before heading outdoors.

A right fit for his paw size is important. In addition, select booties that’s right for the occasion. There are sports sneakers for hiking, summer sandals to keep feet cool on hot pavements, and winter waterproof boots to keep off snow and ice.

What do you do to keep your dog’s paw pads in good condition? Share your tips with us.

Whether it’s split pads or dog dry skin, try using a moisturizing paw balm to resolve the problem.

mushers secret paw wax 150x150 Dog Dry Skin   How To Treat Cracked Paw Pads And Help Prevent Dryness

If you want to keep the paws healthy, apply Musher’s Secret paw wax on the pads and between the toes. It protects paws against sand burn and hot pavement in summer, and prevents snowballing and salt burn on your dog’s toes in the winter. Musher’s Secret also helps to heal dry cracked paw pads.

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