Dog Dry Skin – What Can You Do For Your Dog?

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dog dry skin help me Dog Dry Skin   What Can You Do For Your Dog?

Dog dry skin ... help me

Dog dry skin is a common occurrence in pets.

So arm yourself with some basic dog care tips to prevent dry skin.

If your pet’s skin feels dry and flaky, it’s time to check out your doggy.

Here is how you can tell your dog’s skin is dry.


  • rough, flaky skin
  • itchiness, scratching, licking
  • dandruff
  • dull coat

There are numerous reasons why a dog suffers skin dryness.
For now, let’s focus on a few common mistakes made by pet guardians.


  • Poor diet
  • Bathing too often
  • Using the wrong shampoo
  • Lack of grooming

Let’s begin by looking at your dog’s  basic needs.

Sometimes, making small changes to meet your doggie’s needs can tremendously improve his skin and coat condition.


1. Feed A Premium Dog Food

Your dog needs a healthy, balanced diet just like you do.

Feeding a premium dog food ensures that his dietary needs are met.

Wholesome, nutritious dog food promotes healthy skin and coat. Your dog stays healthier. With a balanced immune system, he is less prone to infections and diseases.

When looking for a high quality kibble, go for one that is gluten free. Always avoid brands that contain corn and wheat as the first ingredient.

Instead, the first ingredient should be an animal based protein – meat. And avoid foods that list animal by-products on the label.

As a general rule of thumb, most brands sold in supermarkets are economy dog foods. They usually fail to meet the dietary needs of your dog.

Take the time to check out your dog food formula today. Feed a high quality food.

2. Avoid Over Bathing

Do you know that a squeaky clean dog can become a frustrated itchy dog?

If you scrub down your dog too often, your fur ball’s skin is going to dry out and begin to itch.

A dog’s skin produces oil naturally and acts as a moisturizer for the skin.

Frequent bathing removes this protective layer of natural oil and can result in dryness and skin irritations.

As a general guideline, a dog only needs one or two bath every month.

To keep him fresh and clean between baths, you can use doggie powder or pet wipes.

Wiping his coat with a damp washcloth does the work too.

3. Use Dog Shampoo

This might sound obvious.

But I have heard of a pet guardian who use people shampoo to treat a dog’s dandruff problem.

Woof woof … I mean NO NO.


Because your dog has a very different skin pH(a measure of acidity or alkalinity) from human.

Dog skin is more alkaline than human skin.

Thus, using a shampoo for human to wash your dog’s hair will upset the balance of his skin and coat, and cause drying and itching.

Hence, only use shampoo that are formulated for dogs.

For a dog with dry itchy skin, try an oatmeal dog shampoo. Its soothing properties help to relieve itching and moisturizes the skin.

4. Brush Your Dog

When it’s time to brush your dog, remember to also check for cuts, bumps and other nasties on your dog’s skin and coat.

Brushing loosens and removes dead hair and dander. And stimulates the oil glands on your dog’s skin.

This is beneficial for doggie. The skin stays supple and there’s a healthy sheen in his coat.

And you’ll be glad to know, most dogs loved to be brushed. A thorough brushing feels like a massage and can be a very relaxing experience. It keeps them looking and feeling good too.

Make it a habit to brush and comb your dog everyday.
Caring for a dog with dry skin can be frustrating at times.

Being with an obsessive scratcher with a jiggling dog tag can drive a pet guardian nuts. Patience is required when dealing with dog skin problems.

Your action will make a huge difference to your dog well being.
To help soothe and heal his dry itchy skin, give your dog a natural Dog Skin Care Formula.
See: Relief for Itchy Dog Dry Skin.

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