Dog Sores – How Did Your Doggy Get Hot Spots?

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Do you have anecdotes about your pet getting dog sores?

Well, Qori, the golden retriever is going to tell you how he got his hot spot.

It all started with a trip to the beach.

A summer day. Blue skies. Sunshine.

First, a swim in the ocean.

Next, a roll in the sand.

Then, hanging out on the beach.

Two days later …

I reckon the dampness, dirt, and warm weather created the perfect natural environment for bacteria to fester. That could have caused the infection.

Dogs get hot spots now and then. These dog sores can appear unexpectedly.

A small area of inflamed skin can grow into a large weeping sore within a matter of hours.

Hence, you need to act fast. Prompt treatment is the key … whether it be a visit to the vet, or giving your dog hot spots home remedy.

Hot Spot Tip – Be Prepared

Always have a hot spot treatment stash away in the Dog First Aid Box.

You never know when you’ll need it. And when you do, you know exactly where to find it.

More info: Dog Skin Care Formula for Hot Spots

If your dog have had hot spots, leave your comment. Tell us how it happen?


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  1. Corinne commented:

    I’d never even heard of hot-spots until my labrador cross developed a sore spot on his cheek the day before yesterday & I thought he’d scratched it or caught it on the rose bush- then yesterday he developed ANOTHER on the other side & both got bigger & were really weepy, so I panicked & started doing some research & this is what it was. I think he got i from chasing his ball around the puddles in our yard the day before! He had a great time, but was filthy so we played water fights with him (which he LOVES) and then the next day- Hot spots! :o (
    He loves water so we will have to just keep a close eye on him in future.

  2. Dog Dry Skin commented:

    Hi Corinne

    Those hot spots can spread very quickly.

    Good job that you noticed it immediately.

    Hope your furry pal is all well now.

  3. Ashley commented:

    My dog started with his eyes. Then he stopped with his eyes and moved to the back of his neck. His neck is all messed up. I changed his diet.. Bathe him often.. He’s on frontline. Now he has dry flaky skin. Idk what to do.

  4. Dog Dry Skin commented:

    Hi Ashley

    I’m afraid I don’t fully understand your comment. Do correct me if I got it wrong.

    If your dog has developed hot spots in the area near the eyes and also on the back of his neck, please bring him to the vet immediately. Without treatment, the infection can spread quickly to other parts of his body.

    For dog skin problems, it helps that your vet rule out pests such as fleas, ticks and mange.

    After that, you want to consider factors that might contribute to dry flaky skin. Start with the basics, such as diet, bath and shampoo, and grooming.

    Read more here:
    Dog Dry Skin – What Can You Do For Your Dog?

    Hope to see your dog well and happy again.

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