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Dog Dry Skin – Will You Still Love Me If I Have Bad Skin? - Posted 21/06/2011

Will you still love me if I have bad skin? I’m not sure who asked the question. It pops into my head whilst I was writing this post. Having dog dry skin, or hot spots can be annoying. Sensitive dry skin can be itchy, and dog sores can hurt. He(the dog) scratches, licks, sheds, and [...]

Dog Dry Skin – Winter Skin Care To Prevent Itchy Dry Skin And Dog Dandruff - Posted 27/11/2010

  Noticed how your skin feels dry and tight during the winter season? This happens to your dog’s skin too. Dog dry skin is a pretty common occurrence during winter. Causes When fido goes outside, the cold, dry winter air has a drying effect on his skin. Drafts can come in through leaky windows and [...]

Dog Dry Skin – How To Bathe A Dog With Dry, Itchy Skin - Posted 29/10/2010

Dog dry skin creates a lot of discomfort for your dog. Dry skin can become inflamed and gets intensely itchy. Some dogs are so badly affected, they lose interest in play, and become rather depressed. Bathing can be a quick way to ease some of your dog’s discomfort. Whilst a bath is not a cure [...]