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Dog Dry Skin Remedy | Hot Spots And Itchy Dog Skin Relief - Posted 02/12/2011

Derma-IonX Review – Natural Remedy for Dry, Itchy, Scaly Skin and Dog Hot Spots Relieves Dog Skin Irritations, Promotes Recovery, and  Protects your Dog from Skin Problems. Every so often, I see dogs itching and scratching persistently. Regardless of whether it’s a case of dog dry skin, or the pet has dog sores or rashes, [...]

Dog Dry Skin – Will You Still Love Me If I Have Bad Skin? - Posted 21/06/2011

Will you still love me if I have bad skin? I’m not sure who asked the question. It pops into my head whilst I was writing this post. Having dog dry skin, or hot spots can be annoying. Sensitive dry skin can be itchy, and dog sores can hurt. He(the dog) scratches, licks, sheds, and [...]

Dog Dry Skin – What Can You Do For Your Dog? - Posted 17/09/2010

Dog dry skin is a common occurrence in pets. So arm yourself with some basic dog care tips to prevent dry skin. If your pet’s skin feels dry and flaky, it’s time to check out your doggy. Here is how you can tell your dog’s skin is dry. Signs rough, flaky skin itchiness, scratching, licking [...]