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Dog Sores – How To Treat Dog Hot Spots And Identify The Root Causes - Posted 09/04/2011

Oh no. Fido has got dog sores. And he’s feeling irritated. Dog hot spots is a common health problem in our canine companion. The open wound can become really nasty looking quickly. Red and oozing pus in a matter of hours. Hence, it is important for you to notice the hot spots as soon as [...]

Dog Sores – How Did Your Doggy Get Hot Spots? - Posted 14/02/2011

  Do you have anecdotes about your pet getting dog sores? Well, Qori, the golden retriever is going to tell you how he got his hot spot. It all started with a trip to the beach. A summer day. Blue skies. Sunshine. First, a swim in the ocean. Next, a roll in the sand. Then, [...]

Dog Sores – Why Your Dog Has Hot Spots - Posted 18/10/2010

What are dog sores? Dog sores are nasty skin infections found on your pet. One common form of dog skin sore is hot spots. A hot spot is an area of  raw, inflamed skin. Often, a hot spot is a circular patch of open sore. It looks like a red, oozing wound on your dog’s [...]