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Dog Dry Skin – How To Treat Cracked Paw Pads And Help Prevent Dryness - Posted 29/01/2011

In an earlier blog post, we talked about the possible causes of why a dog’s paw pads, can become dry and cracked. If you have not read the post, and want to know the reasons for split pads, you can start from here: Dog Dry Skin – Why Your Dog Has Cracked And Dry Paw [...]

Dog Dry Skin – Why Your Dog Has Cracked And Dry Paw Pads - Posted 27/12/2010

Dog dry skin can happen to your doggy’s paw pads too. That’s because a dog’s paw pad is made of an outer layer of very thick, rough skin. This thick, spongy skin provides traction and plays the role of shock absorber whenever a dog runs, jumps, or skids to a stop. Thus, the pads help [...]

Dog Dry Skin – Winter Skin Care To Prevent Itchy Dry Skin And Dog Dandruff - Posted 27/11/2010

  Noticed how your skin feels dry and tight during the winter season? This happens to your dog’s skin too. Dog dry skin is a pretty common occurrence during winter. Causes When fido goes outside, the cold, dry winter air has a drying effect on his skin. Drafts can come in through leaky windows and [...]